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Welcome to Our Agency!

Since its inception, SpainEasy has had one goal: to get you the property of your dreams by guiding you every step of the way.

Our Strength? We have lived what you are about to experience. This on-the-ground experience enables us to guide you with complete peace of mind and confidence.

Aware of the reality of the sometimes complicated steps involved in acquiring property in Spain, our agency wants to simplify this process for you. To do so, we simply take care of everything. From property searches, pre-filling official documents, scheduling appointments, to pre-visits, let us guide you and enjoy this new phase of your life. A phase that should be light, smooth, stress-free, and without endless back and forth between the two countries.

See: What Does a Purchase Without Support Cost? We will be your voice, your eyes, your ears.

Finding your property in Spain from your living room is possible thanks to SpainEasy. Through various and numerous agreements with the country’s largest real estate agencies, we can procure properties that will meet your criteria.

Your satisfaction remains and will always be the driving force behind our professional life. It is in this sense, and only in this sense, that our agency commits to providing the best of ourselves. To negotiate. To search and research if necessary. To secure your future property. To double-check, or even triple-check, each compliance. We won’t let any detail pass until the keys to your new home are in your hands.

Choosing SpainEasy is choosing experience and trust. It’s choosing a secure future in Spain. Don’t wait any longer and contact us now via our contact form right here.

Our team in spain

A team fully dedicated to the success of your property purchase in Spain

Benjamin Gomes
Beny Brand

Real Estate Hunter

About Beny

My name is Beny Brand.
I speak French, English, and Spanish.

I worked in the San Francisco residential real estate market for a decade.
I’m recognized for my sharp negotiation skills and paying close attention to details.

I understand that home buying in another country is a complex process and requires careful consideration.

I possess the skills needed to successfully guide the buying process of your new Spanish home from start to finish. As a trusted advocate, my top priority is to make clients happy and feel at ease.

My business reputation is built on open communication, dedication, trust, and transparency.

Originally from France, I lived in the United States for 18 years.

Since 2018, I’ve been proud to call Valencia, Spain my home and enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of this great, beautiful city.

Personal interests include hiking, dancing, fine dining, and going to festivals and museums. I take advantage of all activities the Valencian life has to offer.

I’ve also maintained my involvement with the American community and organize Thanksgiving and Independence Day events on a yearly basis.

As your realtor, I’ll relieve stress and make it easy for you to purchase your Spanish dream home.

Benjamin Gomes
Benjamin Gomes

Real Estate Hunter & Co-founder

Benjamin Gomes
Randy Patrigeon

Marketing, IT & Co-founder

Chasseur immobilier montrant un batiment dans les rues de Valencia
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