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Your real estate agency in Malaga welcomes you to the heart of this city located between sea and mountains. We will explain the advantages of real estate acquisition within this Andalusian city, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Step by step, we will put everything in place to ensure that this new stage of your life goes as smoothly as possible.

The Cathedral of the Incarnation in the city center of Malaga
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Pedestrian Street in Malaga

Malaga welcomes you

Andalusia opens up to you!

As the largest autonomous community in Spain, Andalusia is home to many cities known beyond the country’s borders. While Seville, Granada, and Cordoba need no introduction, the same goes for Malaga.

Located just a short distance from the southern tip of the province, Malaga is nestled within a smaller region compared to Seville, covering an area of about 2,821 square miles, as opposed to Seville’s larger expanse of 5,419 square miles.

Bordered by the Mediterranean, the surrounding mountains seem to watch over it from the North. Once your real estate property is acquired by your real estate agency in Malaga, drastically different landscapes will be offered to you. Sea view or one of its 16 beaches? Inland? The capital of the Costa del Sol offers you a wide choice among a constantly evolving real estate market.

The real estate market in Malaga

Beautiful apartment for sale in Malaga

Almost, but still, Malaga avoids the top 10 most expensive cities in Spain. In August 2022, its square meter was valued at €1,954. It notably falls behind its Andalusian neighbors such as Seville and Cadiz.

Malaga is a highly sought-after city, particularly due to its geographical location and quality of life (read a little further down). Its prices are therefore subject to many variations, even though they have been on the rise since the beginning of the year.

If Andalusia has charmed you and Malaga in particular, it is important that we discuss together your project, your desires, in order to find for you the property that will meet each of your criteria. In the meantime, our real estate agency in Malaga provides you with a tax simulator. It will allow you to project yourself into your project.

Overview of the rooftops of houses and apartments in Malaga

The advantages of buying in Malaga

If the financial benefits have been discussed a little further up, know that the advantages of the city do not stop there. Like many cities in Spain, there are numerous advantages. Making a concrete list of them is therefore not the simplest task, as it could be extended day after day.

We asked the members of our team residing there (you can discover us right here) to tell us about this beautiful Andalusian city.

“The quality of life is just top.” Malaga offers one of the most pleasant rhythms and lifestyles. A sweet city in every sense of the word, Malaga is welcoming, sunny, and easy to access. Life is beautiful on the Costa del Sol, plain and simple. Forget about the stress of the Parisian metro, people running around in all directions. In Malaga, we take the time to live, but above all, to live well. Andalusians, in general, are known for their ability to appreciate life and its virtues.

“18.” “18 what,” you might ask? Well: 18 degrees minimum throughout the year. Admit that this little number alone brings a nice dose of sunshine into your life. So imagine that on a daily basis. Malaga has a very sunny climate (around 300 days of sunshine per year). It changes lives, believe us. This brightness, this warmth contributes to a good complexion, smiles, physical activity. If outdoor life is widespread throughout the Spanish territory, it is even more so in Malaga.

Add these three factors (economic, climate, and quality of daily life) together and we can almost assure you that Andalusia has already won your hearts. That’s great because our real estate agency in Malaga is here to take over and find you the house or apartment ready to welcome you.

  • An exceptional quality of life
  • A highly sought-after real estate market
  • Sunshine all year round
Real Estate Agency in Malaga

Why choose our real estate agency for your purchase in Malaga

Real Estate Agent using a tablet

Choosing our agency means choosing people who, like you, have once made the decision to settle in Spain. We know your doubts, fears, but also your hopes because we have experienced them ourselves.

We have learned from the obstacles we have encountered, the solutions we have found, the tips we have discovered. Today, we have compiled all these skills to put them at your service. To offer you the most linear, easy, and fast process possible.


Each of us has gone through the stages that lie ahead of you.


From the very first contact: we are here for you.


In the searches, the visits, the bureaucracy, … we take care of representing you at every moment.


Of a job well done, of a property found, of a facilitated process.


Rest assured of our complete sincerity in every aspect.

Calculate the cost of your purchase in Malaga.
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With our simulator, you will know in a few moments the concrete cost of your purchase in Spain (local taxes, notary fees, commission, VAT, transmission fees…)

Living Room in an Apartment in Spain

Buy an apartment in Malaga

The capital of the Costa del Sol is tempting you to leave France and invest in an apartment? The choice is yours.

The criteria for apartments are endless, so it is important to carefully consider your project and define the various filters. These will allow our real estate agents to refine their searches and find your property.

Living Room in house in Spain

Buy a house in malaga

According to the Vision Malaga 2021 report, the city ranks third in terms of demand for house purchases.

Undoubtedly, the coastal area alone represents enormous potential for house purchases.

Our teams will be responsible for providing you with information and accompanying you every step of the way.

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A comprehensive support service from A to Z where everything is done in your interest, exclusively in English and with all our experience in real estate acquisition in Spain.

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