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How We Work

Buying in Spain. Three simple words, a big project, and many questions.
How? With whom? When? The questions you ask are often numerous and varied. In order to instill confidence and provide you with a preliminary understanding of the coming weeks and months, we want to present our working method to you.

The Stages of Our Support

Contract Signing
Understanding Your Criteria
Property Profiles
Property Selection
Property Tour by Our Team
Property Tour with You
Legal Expertise
Purchase Proposal
Opening a Spanish Bank Account
Appointment at the Notary
With You to the End and Beyond

1. Contract Signing

It is the bond between you and us. The one that commits us, beyond our professional consciousness, to carry out our professional mission to the end. Until you have the keys to your new residence. This contract will have a duration of your choice (6, 12, or 18 months). This duration allows us to take the time to do things well, without urgency, without rushing through any step of our work.

No more concerns about printing and sending documents. Everything will be done online, thanks in part to electronic signatures. Speed and simplicity are key.

  • Support for Up to 18 Months
  • Everything is digitized

  • Our commission is currently one of the lowest on the market for an identical service

2. Understanding Your Criteria

We take the time to listen to you, but also to get to know you in order to establish a real relationship based on smooth communication and, above all, mutual trust.

Locations, property types (apartments, villas, vacant land, …), we take into account your wishes but also your future prospects (growing families, school changes, …). This step will allow our property hunters to filter properties and focus only on those that may be suitable for you.

Know that at SpainEasy, we have access to all the properties available on the market and have the best real estate purchase opportunities. This is thanks to our agreements with the largest real estate agencies in the country. In other words: we have the property you are looking for.

  • Consideration of personal criteria
  • We have what you’re looking for
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3. Property Profiles

Once the properties are selected, we will provide you with their profiles for your initial feedback. These profiles will detail the strengths and potential weaknesses of the selected property. This will allow you to validate or not the work of our property hunters. This will lead us to the next step: selecting the property to buy in Spain.

  • You can take the time to analyze the properties with your loved ones
  • The profiles are easy to share
Example of a real estate property profile in Spain

4. Property Selection

You’ve thought about it, reconsidered it. You’ve shown the photos and descriptions to your spouse, to your children. Everyone is excited and enthusiastic about this property? You will then share your selection from the profiles we sent you.

Once the properties are selected by you, we will arrange the different tours according to a schedule that will be provided to you. Even from a distance, you will be an integral part of every step of the process of acquiring your real estate property in Spain.

Real estate property
Location marked on a map

5. Property Tour by Our Team

In the first instance, our team will visit the selected property alone. During this visit, we will meticulously examine its various features and assess its alignment with your criteria. Beyond that, we’ll make sure to thoroughly inspect for any hidden defects.

The aim of this step is to save you time and prevent you from traveling needlessly. We will be your eyes and ears.

During this visit, we’ll be in contact with you through live (or recorded) videos. This will allow you to see the property in real-time. If you prefer, we can also send you photos and videos.

We vouch for you, and with both our perspective and yours, we’ll ensure the complete validity of the property selection. In case of any discrepancies or undisclosed issues, we’ll promptly inform you to know your decision.

We inspect beforehand to save you unnecessary trips
We bring an expert real estate view to avoid unpleasant surprises

  • We visit first to save you unnecessary trips.
  • We provide expert real estate insight to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Property Tour with You

Step 5 confirmed, the property aligns with your preferences. We now move on to the most exciting step for you: the actual property visit.

Just as in each stage of this property acquisition process in Spain, our team will stand by your side. We’ll help translate any questions you may have if Spanish is still unfamiliar to you. We will now be your voice if needed.

During this day, we will also show you around the vicinity. This is a way to help you envision your new daily life and perhaps even enjoy local specialties during a good meal.

  • We accompany you during your stay on-site
  • We translate all your questions
  • Tour of the surroundings to discover the area
People discussing a house
Shield inside a house

7. Legal Expertise

To ensure a secure and legal property acquisition process, we offer a legal expertise service. This service allows us to thoroughly verify each aspect and address the commonly encountered issues during real estate purchases in Spain.

These verifications are of utmost importance because in Spain, the notary has no obligation to inform you about risks associated with your property purchase. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to perform due diligence.

While various issues can arise during your purchase process, three in particular are frequently encountered.

Pay close attention to this step because in Spain, neither the seller nor the notary is obligated to inform you. Buying a house or an apartment without the guidance of a real estate professional means accepting the risk of acquiring a property with outstanding payments.
For your authentic purchase deed to be signed before the notary, it’s mandatory for the seller to be present. Too often, an uncle or another family member offers to replace the actual property owner. This is not acceptable and can lead to delays in the property purchase.
This aspect is particularly relevant for individual houses. It’s not uncommon to discover that an extension to a house, a private pool, or other additions were constructed without prior authorization. In such cases, we will inform the owner, who, with the help of an architect, will need to bring the property’s cadastre in compliance. Worse still, without this verification, you could end up buying non-buildable land. Once again, the presence of a real estate professional can prevent such disappointments.

This list doesn’t end at these three points; it can extend beyond. Thus, it’s crucial for you to realize the risks involved in purchasing property without the assistance of a professional (real estate agent/hunter, lawyer, etc.).

For each of these steps, SpainEasy takes care of everything. Furthermore, all documents will be translated into english for your understanding. This way, we can explain each step of your purchase process and have you sign them fully aware of their contents. We guarantee you a purchase process without risk or unpleasant surprises.

8. Purchase Proposal

As events unfold and the property visit has convinced you, it’s time for the purchase proposal stage. At this point, the official documents need to be in your possession. Don’t worry, not only will we accompany you at every step (such as opening a bank account), but we will also pre-fill the necessary paperwork for obtaining your NIE (Foreigner Identification Number).

Our goal is to relieve you of any constraints so that the final stages of the property purchase process in Spain go as smoothly and joyfully as possible.

If your purchase proposal is accepted, you’ll need to pay the “señal” (reservation fee). It ranges between 1,000 and 3,000€ and will be accompanied by the signing of a pre-contract that outlines the information and characteristics of the property you intend to purchase.

The seller then has between 2 and 5 days to accept or reject your offer.

  • We handle all administrative tasks on your behalf
  • You can focus on your purchasing decision
Dollar sign inside a house
Caixa Bank

9. Opening a Spanish Bank Account

Opening a Spanish bank account is the next step. This requires your NIE and once again we at SpainEasy will accompany you to the appointment at the bank to assist you. Having a Spanish bank account will allow all transactions to be processed more efficiently and quickly.

At this point, you may decide to transfer money from your British account to your Spanish account. This can be done via a third party service. There are various methods that allow transfers between international accounts with low or no fees such as Revolut, Wise or Currencies Direct. It is worth thinking about the fluctuation of exchange rates. You may want to monitor the rates, and when they are favourable, complete the transfer. You can also check which banks offer the better exchange rate, and consider how you would prefer to complete the transfer.

SpainEasy can advise on this matter, but ultimately this will be a personal preference to the buyer.

  • SpainEasy supports you during the bank appointment, ensuring a smooth process.
  • With a Spanish bank account, benefit from faster and more streamlined transactions.

Keys to a house

10. Appointment at the Notary

The notary is where the “arras” (preliminary sales agreement) will be signed. This contract includes a lot of information such as the identities of the parties, the address, the price of the property, the payment method, and more.

This signing can be done via power of attorney from United Kingdom. Once again, our team works diligently to make your life easier and to make this real estate acquisition process in Spain as simple and pleasant as possible for you.

The final step, known as “escritura,” will conclude the process and grant you access to the keys of your new life.

Know that all official documents will be translated into english.

If you’d like to learn more about the preliminary sales agreement, the reservation “señal,” or escritura, we invite you to read our detailed article outlining the steps to acquiring a property in Spain.

  • Possibility to sign via power of attorney
  • We translate all documents
Two men discussing at the notary's office
With You at the Notary

On the big day at the notary's office, Benjamin from SpainEasy will be there to translate and explain the clauses to the buyer client. No questions should remain unanswered.

11. With You Until the End and Beyond

Because we want your move to align with your wishes and future plans, we also assist you in opening a necessary bank account on-site. Additionally, we take care of changing the account holders for electricity and water contracts on the property.

And finally, if you wish to undertake renovation works in your new property for your comfort, we will connect you with trusted partners.

  • Opening a local bank account
  • Changing account holders for electricity and water contracts on the property
  • Recommendations of local artisans for renovations or works
  • Our team is always available to answer your questions after the purchase (inheritance, taxes, etc.).

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