Buy a house in Torrevieja

Discover the difference while staying within your comfort zone. That’s what buying a house in Torrevieja can offer you.

Next, the very Hispanic side of the city, its Mediterranean coast and beaches, its culture, and gastronomy will transport you elsewhere. But its modernity, strong presence of French expatriates, will allow you to maintain a certain stability compared to life in France.

Our support aims to offer you a new life with your new home, being there for you every step of the way. Have you read the various testimonials from our clients? They can reassure you.

Buying a house with a pool in Torrevieja
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The sweet life of Torrevieja

Buying a house with a pool in Torrevieja

Enjoying a peaceful life accompanied by almost constant sunshine. Life is sweet in Torrevieja.

Some cities seem designed for the well-being and relaxation of their residents.

Torrevieja is a good example of this. While winter brings a quieter atmosphere and a very welcoming vibe to the city, summer livens up the streets. If you prefer the great outdoors, take a look at the beautiful beaches that will soon become the subject of your walks.

Buying a house in Torrevieja will allow you to enjoy a variety of pleasures and have a bit of everything. Our team will listen, understand your needs, and address any concerns you may have. We will do everything possible to facilitate a quick and smooth settlement in this beautiful city.

Image of the houses from the Torrevieja beach

We will find your house in Torrevieja

Don’t hold back, be bold! Dare to list all your desires, even if they may seem extravagant. Our team of real estate agents will search and find that perfect house for you. You can already go buy your keychain…

Buy a house in Torrevieja

Contact our agency to buy a house in Torrevieja

With your project in hand, you just have to entrust it to us. We will do everything possible to uncover the rare gem that will welcome your family and your new life. Welcome to Torrevieja! What we offer:

  • We search for you
  • Access to Exclusive Properties

  • Advice on buying areas

  • Remote Video Tours
  • Spanish Administrative Procedures Managed by Our Team
  • Notary Accompaniment and Translation
  • Assistance and Recommendations for Renovations
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Checked box Selection of ideal properties based on your criteria.
Checked box Video pre-visits of properties to save you unnecessary back-and-forth between US and Spain.
Checked box Preparation of the visit schedule and accompaniment during on-site visits.
Checked box Legal checks on the property (in-house and free legal service)
Checked box Translation of documents into English.
Checked box Negotiation of the sale price in your interest.
Checked box Accompaniment and translation on the day of signing at the notary (proxy signing service if needed).
Checked box Assistance for opening a Spanish bank account and changing the account holders for utility contracts (electricity, water, internet, etc.)

A comprehensive support service from A to Z where everything is done in your interest, exclusively in English and with all our experience in real estate acquisition in Spain.

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