Buy a house in Malaga

Buy a house in Malaga

According to the Vision Malaga 2021 report, the city ranks third in terms of home purchase demand. Undoubtedly, the coastal area alone represents a huge potential for home buying. Our teams will provide you with information and guide you step by step to give you the opportunity to buy a house in Malaga.

Feel free to explore the city and its region through the website we provide right here.

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The houses in Malaga and its surroundings

As mentioned in our introduction, the real estate landscape in Malaga not only captivates within the heart of the city. Numerous cities, including Marbella, of various sizes, offer a highly attractive real estate market.

Houses with white facades overlooking the sea—no need to add more for you to already envision living there and for the project of buying a house in Malaga to come to life.

We are experts in our field, with the knowledge to identify properties that might seem too good to be true. Our experience allows us to discern genuine opportunities from potential pitfalls in the market.

That’s why we commit to being your eyes and ears during the search period as well as pre-visits.

Andalusian Street
View of houses and the arena in Malaga

The qualities of Andalusian houses

Street in andalucia

White facades to reflect the sun, thick walls to provide coolness in summer and insulation in winter, flat roofs for hosting barbecues (or rather paella…) and late-night drinks in summer. Andalusian houses know how to adapt to their environment.

If your choice leans towards a larger house, know that some have a small inner courtyard allowing you to add real value to your home.

We will find your home in Malaga

A motivated, committed team that works closely with its clients. That’s who we are. We want to do everything to help you buy a house in Malaga or its surroundings.

You can count on us!

Choosing our real estate agency means choosing the certainty of being listened to, heard, understood, and accompanie, by our entire team.

Agence immobilière à Valence

Our team is here to help you find and buy your dream home in Malaga. Contact our agency now!

Our team is here to help you find and buy your dream home in Malaga. Contact our agency now!

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  • Advice on buying areas

  • Remote Video Tours
  • Spanish Administrative Procedures Managed by Our Team
  • Notary Accompaniment and Translation
  • Assistance and Recommendations for Renovations
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Checked box Negotiation of the sale price in your interest.
Checked box Accompaniment and translation on the day of signing at the notary (proxy signing service if needed).
Checked box Assistance for opening a Spanish bank account and changing the account holders for utility contracts (electricity, water, internet, etc.)

A comprehensive support service from A to Z where everything is done in your interest, exclusively in English and with all our experience in real estate acquisition in Spain.

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