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Are you in love with big cities and lively rhythms of life?

The Spanish capital is made for you. Smaller and quieter than its French counterpart, Madrid offers you the opportunity to settle in the heart of a bustling city, culturally rich, and especially close to all major Spanish cities thanks to train lines.

If the idea of ​​living in a royal city appeals to you, our real estate agency in Madrid will take care of every step of your buying or renting process.

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The bullring of Madrid

Madrid: City of the King, City of Choice

Undoubtedly, nobody chooses to settle in Madrid by chance. Such is the major advantage of living in a capital city: there is something for everyone. Passionate about nature? The Retiro Park or the King Felipe VI Park will welcome your walks. Art enthusiasts? You will have plenty of choices among the numerous exhibitions that the city hosts throughout the year.

You can now organize your life by taking a look at the agenda that the city offers for the year 2024.

Madrid has all the characteristics of a great capital but with a calmer atmosphere than Paris. Our real estate agency in Madrid can not only help you find the property of your dreams but also provide information on various activities and must-visit places to facilitate your adaptation to this new life.

Madrid and Its Real Estate Market

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid

As soon as the word “capital” is mentioned, we sense concern in your eyes. You might say, “Capital” equals “sky-high real estate prices.”

So, in a spirit of complete transparency with us, we must always be honest with you. Madrid is indeed a capital city, which naturally entails higher prices than in other cities. But before we remove the city from your list of potential destinations, let’s take a closer look at its real estate market.

Affordability Meets Culture in the Heart of Spain

Madrid shines as an accessible and enticing alternative to New York City’s high living costs, offering a rich blend of culture and modernity at significantly lower prices. With an average real estate price of €4,000 per square meter—substantially less than New York’s $13,400—Madrid stands out for its affordability and quality of life. The city’s real estate market grows at a stable rate of about 3% annually, suggesting a balanced and appealing investment environment. This, combined with Madrid’s vibrant lifestyle, historical charm, and sunny climate, positions it as an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of value and vibrant living. In contrast to New York’s bustling pace, Madrid offers a serene retreat with the promise of a rich cultural experience and a wise investment opportunity, making it a prime destination for buyers and investors alike.

Want to know more about the prices in each neighborhood of the capital? Find all the data on Statista

Tetuán and Arganzuela are recommended neighborhoods.

If beautiful Madrid is starting to charm you and the idea of settling there appeals to you, here are two neighborhoods that might already catch your attention. Both located within the M-30 (the ring road encircling the central areas of Madrid), they offer multicultural atmospheres and, above all, even more affordable prices than other neighborhoods in the city.

Our real estate agency in Madrid will be delighted to show you these two neighborhoods as well as the other 19 that make up the Spanish capital.

The versatile Tetuán

The dynamic Arganzuela

Along the streets of the Tetuán neighborhood, business districts and residential areas coexist. Ultra-modern buildings with transparent glass, like the Picasso Tower, stand alongside the central mosque of Madrid. Here is Tetuán, a place where unlikely couples find perfect harmony.

If its unique personality and warm, friendly atmosphere aren’t enough for you, know that this legendary neighborhood ranks only 10th in terms of price per square meter. €3,521, that’s its average price.

Add to that parks that make you feel like you’ve left the city without actually leaving it, local markets where you’ll find products straight from the farmers’ fields.

In short, Tetuán offers a high quality of life without ever straying far from the city center.

If there’s one neighborhood on the rise, it’s Arganzuela. Located in the southwest of the capital, it’s considered the youngest neighborhood! Indeed, approximately 25% of its population is between 35 and 45 years old. Ideal for families, especially those with young children.

Its second strong point is undoubtedly its price per square meter. Count €3,898.

This figure makes it the second neighborhood within the M-30 with the most affordable average housing price, both for purchase and rental.

Have these two neighborhoods captured your interest? By phone, email, or even WhatsApp, don’t hesitate to contact our agency to start searching for your property by clicking right here.

View over the rooftops of Madrid with a beautiful sunset

The advantages of buying in Madrid

When it comes to the capital, it inevitably means activity, vibrancy, and proximity to others thanks to various means of communication.

Madrid is an excellent compromise for those seeking a lifestyle worthy of big cities while maintaining an affordable real estate market.

Living in Madrid also means having the possibility to travel more easily thanks to its international airport.

It’s worth noting a climate favorable to a very Spanish lifestyle, meaning living outdoors. Even though in winter, frost or even a bit of snow may occur, the capital maintains very mild temperatures. Expect around 300 days of sunshine per year. Enough to convince even the most hesitant.

  • The lively life of a capital
  • Proximity to international connections

  • 300 days of sunshine per year
  • One of the least expensive capitals in Europe

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Why choose our real estate agency for your purchase in Madrid

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Choosing our agency means choosing people who, like you, have once made the decision to settle in Spain. We know your doubts, fears, but also your hopes because we have experienced them ourselves.

We have learned from the obstacles we have encountered, the solutions we have found, the tips we have discovered. Today, we have compiled all these skills to put them at your service. To offer you the most linear, easy, and fast process possible.


Each of us has gone through the stages that lie ahead of you.


From the very first contact: we are here for you.


In the searches, the visits, the bureaucracy, … we take care of representing you at every moment.


Of a job well done, of a property found, of a facilitated process.


Rest assured of our complete sincerity in every aspect.

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Buy an apartment in Madrid

The allure of the capital has won you over, and our team will be delighted to assist you in obtaining your apartment in the heart of this magnificent city.

There are 21 neighborhoods available to you, providing you with a wide range of options to find the property of your dreams.

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Buy a house in Madrid

Acquiring a residence without moving away from the activity of the Spanish capital is what our real estate agency offers you. Buying a house in Madrid becomes possible thanks to our agents who will take care of obtaining the property that meets your criteria.

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