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Situated in the heart of the city of Valencia, our real estate agency is thrilled to welcome you. We look forward to meeting you and finding the perfect property that will fulfill all your expectations. As the third-largest city in Spain, bordered by the sea, both modern and ancient, Valencia has numerous advantages that we will be delighted to present to you.

Our team of real estate agents will uncover for you houses or apartments, whether with a sea view or facing the mountains. We will make your arrival in Valencia a truly joyful experience.

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Welcome to Valencia

Nestled by the Mediterranean, Valencia welcomes you!

A city painted in azure by its sea and cloudless sky most of the year, Valencia (Valencia in Spanish, València in Valencian) is fragrant with orange blossom. The third-largest city in Spain, it is home to approximately 800,000 souls. “Small” compared to a city like Chicago (which holds the same rank in the United States), it has all the characteristics of a larger city. Less known, hence less touristy, it remains discreet yet captivates anyone wandering its streets.

A perfect harmony of the very modern and the ancient, Valencia presents itself as an undeniably green city. From the Turia, a garden stretching over 9 kilometers (unique in its kind), to scattered palm trees here and there, through its numerous pedestrian squares and bike lanes, Valencia undoubtedly focuses on ecology. It unquestionably offers a more than pleasant quality of life to all those who wish to settle here.

Welcome to the heart of the city of orange trees. Welcome to Valencia.

Valencia Orange Trees

Real Estate Market in Valencia

La plaza del Ayuntamiento

Over the past year, Valencia has seen an 8.5% increase in real estate prices. It now offers an average price per square meter of €1,731.

Naturally, this amount varies depending on the neighborhoods of the city. The Old Town (El Carmen) takes the lead with an estimated €2,653 per square meter.

If you’re interested, we provide an article detailing the prices of each neighborhood in the city of Valencia.

Note that the city is growing and developing. You won’t be surprised to discover numerous cranes and districts undergoing complete renovation. The city is expanding, providing you with an increasing number of real estate options.

We take care of selecting those that match your criteria to organize the initial pre-visits.

City of Valencia in Spain

The advantages of buying in Valencia.

Why Valencia? What sets it apart from others?

As we mentioned earlier, Valencia is somewhat the little sister of Barcelona. Its status as a “small big city” offers numerous advantages to consider when selecting it or not.

Quieter and less touristy, for many expatriates, the “secret” character of Valencia makes it a strong asset! Fewer honks, less traffic, Valencia maintains a Spanish authenticity. It’s impossible to feel like you’re in another country than your own.

“The city is walkable for almost everything” is a common theme in conversations. Valencia has a fairly compact city center with points of interest relatively close to each other. If walking isn’t your preference, don’t forget that the city has an extensive cycling route.

Beyond that, Valencia experiences mild winters and hot summers. You’ll have the chance to enjoy terraces and long walks along its coastline practically all year round.

We can’t overlook the abundant presence of nature. Valencia is green, populated with palm trees, orange trees, lemon trees that spread an intoxicating fragrance in its streets, not to mention the Mediterranean that borders it.

  • A city of human scale where almost everything is doable on foot.
  • A Mediterranean climate conducive to outdoor activities.
  • A booming real estate market with affordable prices.
Real Estate Agency in Valencia

Why choose our real estate agency for your purchase in Valencia?

Real Estate Agent on the phone in Valencia

Turning to our agency means turning to individuals who, like you, once made the decision to settle in Spain. We understand your doubts, fears, and hopes because we have experienced them ourselves.

We have learned from the obstacles we encountered, found solutions, and discovered tips. Today, we have compiled all these skills to put them at your service. To provide you with a process that is as straightforward, easy, and fast as possible

The Expertise

Each of us has gone through the steps that lie ahead of you.

The Availability

From the first contact: we are here for you.


In the searches, the visits, the bureaucracy, … we take care of representing you at every moment.

The Commitment

Of a job well done, a found real estate, a facilitated process.


Rest assured of our complete sincerity in every aspect.

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Living room in an apartment in Valencia

Buy an apartment in Valencia

If you choose to purchase an apartment, you’ll have the opportunity to find properties right in the heart of Valencia’s old town. From a penthouse overlooking pedestrian streets to apartments by the sea for morning sunrise views, the options are diverse. Visit here for more information about our apartment sales in Valencia.

Exterior view of a house in Valencia

Buy a house in Valencia

With or without a pool? Sea view or rather overlooking the orange fields surrounding the city. These are the kinds of questions you’ll have the chance to ask yourself if you choose to invest in a house in Valencia. The rest, your real estate agency SpainEasy takes care of. You can already imagine your garden with sun loungers to enjoy the city’s more than 300 sunny days. Click right here to discover our “houses in Valencia” section.

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A comprehensive support service from A to Z where everything is done in your interest, exclusively in English and with all our experience in real estate acquisition in Spain.

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