Helping you achieve one of your dreams is what fuels and motivates us every morning.

Receiving your testimonials of appreciation is a real satisfaction for us. Knowing you are well settled and happy in your new home only motivates us even more.

Thank you for taking the time to write these messages to us. Thanks from each and every member of our team. We will continue to work in this direction to find THE property that will suit you tomorrow.

Personne qui témoigne
S Camarena

A huge thank you to SpainEasy for allowing me to fulfill my dream of buying an apartment in Valencia, Spain, smoothly and in less than 4 months.

What an incredible sense of service +++! The team has demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and provided personalized support at every stage, from property search to notary signing, including opening a bank account and even for procedures after the purchase.

Always present and extremely available, their attentive listening and valuable advice made all the difference. There’s no doubt that all of this would have been much more complicated, if not impossible, without their help. All required legal checks and steps are quickly taken care of for a worry-free purchase.

Beyond the professional aspect, thank you to Benjamin for his extreme kindness and to the entire SpainEasy team for their excellent work!

In summary, simplicity and efficiency! I recommend them with full confidence!

Personne qui témoigne

We bought a property in Spain with the help of SpainEasy, and we want to thank them for their professionalism and invaluable assistance throughout the journey. Without them, we would have probably abandoned our project, as it’s not simple when you don’t speak Spanish and are unfamiliar with Spanish laws.

A very big thank you to Benjamin, who was by our side for everything—negotiating the deal, the purchase, banking matters, and even setting up water and internet services.

We sincerely recommend them to anyone looking to buy property in Spain.

Personne qui témoigne
Stéphane de Clavière

We got in touch with Benjamin at the end of 2021 to find a small villa between Malaga and Marbella. After some very relevant property suggestions and just two visits, we signed at the beginning of February.

Just for the efficiency of their searches alone, I can only recommend them. As for the administrative part (the prerequisites for foreigners), everything went very quickly, and we simply provided the documents to the SpainEasy team. I can only recommend them. Thanks again.

Personne qui témoigne
Laetitia S.

You’re with the right person if you want to buy in Spain. We bought an apartment in Vinaros in October with Benjamin’s coordination, and honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him because he handles everything from A to Z. Whether it’s for the search or the administrative work, he checks everything because in Spain, it’s not as straightforward as here. He works with lawyers, notaries. Not to mention his human touch. We are delighted, and you can trust him!

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