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A true paradise located just 60 kilometers from France and 160 from Barcelona, Roses has everything to seduce you. Our real estate agency in Roses will take care of every step in the process of acquiring your future property.

A town between the sea and the mountains, between France and Spain, between tranquility and liveliness, we invite you to Rosas.

The beautiful houses of Roses with ocean views
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Beautiful view of the apartments and the beach of Roses

Roses, situated between France and Spain, nestled between the sea and the mountains.

Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Roses (Rosas in French) is located south of Cap de Creus. A town adjacent to two natural parks (Cap de Creus to the north and Aiguamolls to the southeast), Rosas has been part of the prestigious club of the 30 most beautiful bays in the world since 2011, thanks to its stunning Roses Bay.

A true haven of peace ideal for strolling, relaxing, sunbathing, or on the contrary, engaging in thrilling activities. Roses and its bay offer a multitude of options to liven up your daily life.

With less than 3,000€ per square meter, Roses will quickly become your favorite destination for this real estate acquisition project that has tempted you for so long.

So, are you ready to take the plunge?

Roses, an Excellent Investment

House on the beach in Roses.

Located just 60 kilometers from the French border, Roses is a highly sought-after destination for our French friends. With its real estate market and particularly its price per square meter (less than €3,000), Rosas is often preferred over the south of France when it comes to investing in real estate. Our real estate agency in Roses will assist you in acquiring the property of your dreams.

Given that tourism is the primary economic sector in the region (ahead of fishing and agriculture), buying in Rosas represents an assurance of finding tenants for your property throughout the year.

Alternatively, if your desire is to find a second residence, or even a primary one, in Roses, rest assured that the city offers a very pleasant and active quality of life.

Roses, a town for all ages, for all lifestyles.

Everyone is welcome in Roses. We could sum it up perfectly like this. If the calmness of the town tends to attract many families looking for a little piece of paradise on Earth, it also appeals to thrill-seekers. Let’s generalize: in Roses, there is something for everyone.

If you want to entertain your children, the Aquabrava water park will give you a great time. It will undoubtedly become a must-visit attraction during hot summer days. If you want to take to the skies and are not afraid of heights, parachuting and paragliding spots await you. If, on the contrary, you aspire to more tranquility, the beautiful beaches, the tourist train, or bike rides will undoubtedly charm you. Find all cultural information on the Roses Tourist Office website.

Beautiful view of the port of Roses and its boats

The advantages of buying in Roses

Choosing Rosas means choosing an excellent compromise between living abroad and French habits.

Its proximity to France offers a certain lifestyle that won’t completely change your habits. It’s worth emphasizing the very affordable real estate market.

It will be difficult to find the same climate, orientation, style, and pace of life for the same price on the other side of the Pyrenees.

Don’t forget the excellent climate here. Rosas faces south: warm summers and winters much milder than in France.

  • Proximity to France
  • The tranquility of a medium-sized city
  • South-facing orientation/strong>
  • Ideal for families
Real Estate Agency in Roses

Why choose our real estate agency for your purchase in Roses

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Choosing our agency means choosing people who, like you, have once made the decision to settle in Spain. We know your doubts, fears, but also your hopes because we have experienced them ourselves.

We have learned from the obstacles we have encountered, the solutions we have found, the tips we have discovered. Today, we have compiled all these skills to put them at your service. To offer you the most linear, easy, and fast process possible.


Each of us has gone through the stages that lie ahead of you.


From the very first contact: we are here for you.


In the searches, the visits, the bureaucracy, … we take care of representing you at every moment.


Of a job well done, of a property found, of a facilitated process.


Rest assured of our complete sincerity in every aspect.

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Whether it’s for rental or not, your apartment should reflect your personality, but above all, the life you want to lead.

We will search and find for you the apartment that corresponds to it.

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Welcome to your new little piece of paradise. With our team of real estate hunters, you’ll soon be enjoying the beautiful lifestyle that the city of Roses has to offer, with your feet in the water.

Whether you prefer to be closer or farther from the city center, Barcelona, or the French border, choose the house that meets all your criteria.

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