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Spain Made Simple: Expert Real Estate & Relocation Services

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Specializing in assisting English speakers from around the world, we simplify your journey to owning a dream property in Spain. Our expert, multilingual team ensures a seamless, stress-free experience, from vibrant city buzz to serene coastal tranquility.

  • Tailored services for English speakers seeking Spanish real estate, irrespective of their country.
  • From property search to paperwork (NIE, visa, bank accounts), we’ve got you covered.
  • Whether it’s metropolitan vibrance or coastal serenity, we find properties that match your dream.
  • Skilled, responsive team fluent in English, Spanish, and more, for smooth communication.

Let's turn your Spanish aspirations into reality!

Step 1: Specify Your Criteria

Step 2
: Schedule a Meeting with Beny

Step 3
: After the meeting, Receive a Customized Property Selection

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Don’t speak Spanish?


Unfamiliar with the procedures for buying real estate in Spain?


Don’t have the time for back-and-forth trips and on-site visits?


Don’t know the real estate market and the prices in Spain?

Easy-Peasey SpainEasy

Complete assistance for buying real estate in Spain

Excellent area in Spain

Advice on Buying Zones in Spain

Take advantage of our expert advice to discover unique buying opportunities on-site.

Property Selection

Property Selection

Our team meticulously selects real estate properties that perfectly match your criteria.

Virtual Previews

Virtual Tours in Spain

Explore your future properties through captivating virtual tours! Save time and unnecessary travel between your location and Spain.

Assistance in Obtaining the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE)

NIE Acquisition

We handle the process of obtaining the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) in Spain, which is mandatory for property purchase, ensuring a simplified and hassle-free procedure.

Visit Scheduling

Visit Scheduling

Let us organize your visit itinerary and accompany you during your on-site visits. We optimize your time by carefully planning the visits.

Legal Property Verifications

Legal Property Verifications

Our legal service provides you with comprehensive property verifications, ensuring peace of mind during the property acquisition.


Complete Translation

Translation of documents into english to ensure your understanding of our services and procedures in Spain.

Happy clients at the notary

With You at the Notary

Accompaniment and complete translation during the notary signing, explaining each step of the process in detail.

Negotiation of Property Price in Your Interest

Price Negotiation in Your Interest

We commit to negotiating the sale price in your favor, guaranteeing you the best conditions for your property acquisition.

Banking in Spain

Bank Accompaniment

We assist you in opening your bank account in Spain and in changing the account holders of energy contracts (electricity, water, internet, etc.).

Assistance in obtaining the tourist license

Assistance in Obtaining the Tourist License

We offer our assistance in obtaining the tourist license, allowing you to fully enjoy rental opportunities in full compliance.

Polaroid Nathalie and Didier closing Day

We work exclusively for buyers.

House in Turis

Listed Sale Price
208 000€

Negotiated Sale Price
187 000€

Savings Achieved
21 000€ – 10,09%

House in Turis
House in Turis
Vente à Turis
Portrait of Maxime Boreux

Negotiation carried out by our property hunter Maxime Boreux for our client Pascal R.

Apartment in Rosas

Listed Sale Price
85 000€

Negotiated Sale Price
80 000€

Savings Achieved
5 000€ – 5,88%

Apartment in Rosas
House in Rosas
Vente à Rosas
Portrait of Romain Bonhomme

Negotiation carried out by our property hunter Romain Bonhomme for our client Aurélie D.

check-iconNegotiation in Your Interest

We act as your dedicated partner, negotiating firmly to ensure you the best price.

check-iconAdvantageous Rates

We minimize costs through internal optimization and partnerships with Spanish real estate players.

check-iconOnly in Your Interest

Unlike a traditional agency, we have no properties to offload; we don’t work for sellers. Our sole goal is to find the ideal property for you. You can even suggest properties to us.

check-iconLong-Term Search Mandate

We accompany you at your own pace, aware that buying property in Spain requires time and careful consideration.

Photo polaroid at the Notary

Not only did we find our dream house, but we felt we made a new friend in the process.

We have been looking for a house for a year. In the past we worked with a few agents, who we did not find response to our needs, part of the problem being language in our communications.
We love Spain and had our hearts set on Valencia,m for a vacation home. We then found “SpainEasy” on line and started working with our salesperson Beny.
We loved working with her from the very start. She was tenacious in helping us with the task, and was very detailed in her approach.
Beny would go on a Video tour, either sent or alive, and did not leave a stone unturned in our search
Her humor added to her tenacious pursuit was REMARKABLE.
We recommend her to everyone….
Thank you Beny

Harvey Schwartz

Finally, true real estate professionals!

The team at SpainEasy is fast, efficient, approachable, and also friendly. Thanks to them, we found and bought our house in Spain (Javea). They guided us from the search to the purchase and introduced us to their network, their knowledge, and the law firm Delaguia & Luzon, who speak French perfectly. We can only recommend to any French-speaking person wanting to buy property in Spain to go through them. A special thanks to Benjamin, the agency director, for his great availability (even after the purchase) and for his professionalism.

Steve Groux

We were assisted by true professionals.

Maxime, our contact, was incredible. Efficient, friendly, facilitating, and offering good advice, Maxime quickly understood what we were looking for. After organizing a marathon day of 9 visits plus a meeting with the notary to draft a power of attorney, we found our foothold in Barcelona. Moreover, Maxime took care of everything, absolutely everything, and always with a smile. It’s very secure and reassuring. I don’t regret this partnership for a second.

Sylvie Treffel

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know for your purchase in Spain.

Do I need to formalize the “Personal Real Estate Agent in Spain” service contract and pay the 499€ including taxes before receiving the technical specifications of the available properties?2024-05-15T17:58:22+00:00

Yes, indeed. We require the formalization of the service contract in order to start working for you. As our service is personalized for each client, it incurs costs related to transportation, administration, and working hours that we cannot cover before the contract is formalized.

What do I need to know during the process of buying property in Spain?2023-10-19T12:53:44+00:00

We take care of everything for you, and our service is tailored to english-speaking property buyers in Spain.

Your involvement will primarily consist of visiting the consulate/embassy of your country (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, or another) to apply for your NIE (Foreigner Identification Number in Spain). It’s important to note that we pre-fill all administrative documents for you in advance, and this NIE is essential for any local procedures.

Next, we’ll ask you to select properties that interest you for physical visits on-site. This will be followed by the legal assessment of the property by our French-speaking lawyer (critical to avoid hidden defects). We’ll draft all the necessary legal documents for your purchase (Purchase Agreement and Deed of Sale), ensuring safety and always in your best interest.

Your final step is to travel to Spain to sign with the notary (we’ll pre-arrange the appointment for you and accompany you to the notary for signing and translation) and receive your keys.

Lastly, we’ll also guide you in opening a local bank account, which is mandatory for paying your utility bills (a quick process). We’ll also handle the change of account holders for water, electricity, internet, and gas on your behalf.

Do you operate throughout the entire Spanish territory?2023-10-19T12:53:35+00:00
Indeed, we operate throughout the entire Spanish territory. With numerous agreements with the largest Spanish real estate groups, we have access to all properties available on the market (whether published or not published on the internet).
Is it possible to access credit for a mortgage with a Spanish bank?2023-10-19T12:53:20+00:00
It is possible to obtain credit in Spain through our banking broker service.
We have a specialized service for accessing credit for foreigners on Spanish soil. You will be required to provide several administrative documents and a down payment of about 30% of the total amount. Feel free to ask us for more information about our service. Additionally, you can also approach your usual bank in your home country, knowing that with an asset, they will grant you credit without any issues for a real estate purchase in Spain.
Do you have real estate properties in your portfolio to offer?2023-10-19T12:53:12+00:00
We work as real estate hunters and have access to all properties for sale in the market.
We also have some real estate properties directly in our sales portfolio, but our working process as real estate hunters allows us to search for the ideal property based on our clients’ requests, thus accessing all properties for sale in the market.
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