Why Choose SpainEasy Over a Traditional Agency?

There are several crucial reasons that set us apart from most traditional agencies:

Our approach is focused on a tailor-made and proactive service that puts your needs at the heart of the property search. In contrast, a traditional agency may have a more sales-oriented approach to selling their existing properties (an agency also works for its sellers).

We work for a life project; our deliverable is not a physical product (apartment, house, land) but a successful project and a pleasant experience. And that doesn’t mean our service is more expensive. On the contrary, our goal is to offer you a quality, tailor-made service at a fair and transparent cost.

Unlike a local agency limited to a geographical area, we are capable of searching for properties all over Spain, thus offering you a greater diversity of choices.

We negotiate the sale price in your interest, which can allow you to make significant savings. We have no seller to satisfy; only your interest matters.

Once the purchase is made, we are still there and continue to support you by taking care of the name change on electricity, water, etc., contracts, as well as helping to obtain the tourist license (for those who wish).

We handle all administrative formalities, such as opening your bank account in Spain, obtaining the NIE, negotiating the property, etc. These tasks often fall on the buyer in the case of a conventional agency.

We offer legal control of the property and translation of all documents into French, which is not always the case with a traditional real estate agency.

You benefit from a complete and tailor-made service that simplifies the purchase of a property in Spain and ensures that your interests are defended at every stage.