We take care of everything for you, and our service is tailored to english-speaking property buyers in Spain.

Your involvement will primarily consist of visiting the consulate/embassy of your country (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, or another) to apply for your NIE (Foreigner Identification Number in Spain). It’s important to note that we pre-fill all administrative documents for you in advance, and this NIE is essential for any local procedures.

Next, we’ll ask you to select properties that interest you for physical visits on-site. This will be followed by the legal assessment of the property by our French-speaking lawyer (critical to avoid hidden defects). We’ll draft all the necessary legal documents for your purchase (Purchase Agreement and Deed of Sale), ensuring safety and always in your best interest.

Your final step is to travel to Spain to sign with the notary (we’ll pre-arrange the appointment for you and accompany you to the notary for signing and translation) and receive your keys.

Lastly, we’ll also guide you in opening a local bank account, which is mandatory for paying your utility bills (a quick process). We’ll also handle the change of account holders for water, electricity, internet, and gas on your behalf.