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We are delighted that you have chosen to contact us for your real estate project in Spain. Our mission is to make real estate purchase in Spain accessible for French speakers.

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Why Are We the Ideal Choice for Your Real Estate Project?

Traditional agencies

Our Innovative Approach

Unlike traditional real estate agencies, we do not have properties in our portfolio. We do not act as sellers but as your dedicated partner. Our sole objective is to find the property that perfectly matches your needs and desires, and to negotiate the best possible price for you.

Our Rates Are Extremely Competitive

We have managed to lower our rates by optimizing our internal processes, developing strong partnerships with key players in the Spanish real estate market, and eliminating unnecessary costs that do not add value to your purchasing experience.

Attractive Rates

Negotiation Focused on Your Interest

We do not just find the right property for you; we also fight for you by negotiating aggressively. Our aim is to ensure you pay the best possible price for your future home. This is an integral part of our service, and we put our heart and expertise into it.

Longer Search Mandate Duration

Aware that a purchase project in Spain requires time and thought, we offer a search mandate with a duration longer than average. We do not rush our clients but accompany them at their own pace, thus ensuring optimal satisfaction. However, if you wish to speed up the process, we are ready to adapt to your pace. The choice is yours.

Durée du mandat
Protection par un mandat

Protection Through Mandate

Our mandate is designed to protect the buyer. It commits us to follow our mission impartially. This means we work solely in your interest, without any external influence.

We Operate Nationally

Our property hunters are distributed throughout Spain and have an excellent understanding of the Spanish real estate market, often gaining invaluable experience from competing agencies. Furthermore, our clientele is international, including buyers from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and much more.

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Everything Starts with a Call

What’s Next?

We will now contact you to learn more about your real estate project in Spain. If you are not available at this moment, no worries! You can call us back at your convenience (even on weekends) or schedule an appointment.

We have no intention of rushing you or introducing stress into your project.

This initial phone conversation is crucial for us to better understand what you are looking for. It will also allow us to provide initial advice and answer all your questions.

We are excited to start this journey with you and help you realize your real estate dream in Spain.

Remember, we are here to assist you, and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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